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Build your team, make your music, engage your fans, and make money.


AudioCommon is a rapidly-expanding, global Cloud platform that helps artists, producers, and music companies create music and engage fans with interactive music experiences.

Our mission is to "empower creation" and-to do this-we are focused on removing friction throughout music creation and connecting AudioCommon artists with fans through unique sharing experiences. Shortly after launching in 2014, AudioCommon's client roster quickly expanded to include artists like The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and Switchfoot; and to include music companies like Atlantic Records, Red Light Management, and Three Six Zero Group, to name only a few. Though the company works with some of the biggest names in the Industry, AudioCommon is committed to working with independent musicians, as these artists find their way in today's quickly-evolving Music Industry.

Build teams and collaborate with your music network.

Save money, time, and hassle during the music creation process.

Grow your fan-base and make money by engaging the public in new ways.



Create secure, team-based projects and stack multi-track stems in the cloud for internal collaboration, regardless of geographic location. Save time, money, and hassle as you streamline your internal music creation workflow.


Engage the public like never before by sharing your multi-track stems and giving your fans a view of your music creation process. This type of sharing forges new, emotional connections with your fans, and allows you to assign a per-fan/per-month subscription fee of your choice for access to this content-a new revenue stream that could put significant recurring revenue in your wallet.
Everything you share with the public is accessible via our "AudioCommon Engage" iPhone app, instantaneously.
Our subscription fee functionality is a new and revolutionary revenue stream for artists and the Industry. For Example: If you assign a $1.00/month subscription to your music, and garner 200,000 subscribers, you will make over $2,000,000/year in additional, recurring revenue.


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